Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sea of Umbrellas

I've been working as a translator for the past 2 years in Shin Yokohama. I was unemployed for a full year before I started working at this workplace. The year of unemployment was a discouraging one, getting rejected time and time again because I didn't have a pedigree (college education). I was registered at several temp staff agencies until I came across the one where I'm getting my contracts from now. Translation work wasn't my first choice, but after months of unemployment, I started to broaden my scope.

The staffing agency arranged an interview and when I got a better description of the job, I found that I was quite interested since the industry that they're involved in has a link to my background. I'm not in totally foreign territory nor were the terms I'd be dealing with be unfamiliar.

The workplace I was newly employed at had a relaxed atmosphere, the geeks living in their own world of codes and functions, which left me to my own devices. Work came in waves, I could be bored to tears for days on end and then bam! I'm swamped with translations to finish with tight deadlines. This job is giving me good experience that will help me down the line should I ever decide to do any freelance work.

Being dispatched from a staffing agency means that I'm on a temporary contract, renewable if both parties agree. My contract is on a 3-month basis and so far, it's been renewed consistently. They threw a curve ball with my last contract renewal, tho. I had a meeting with the agent who's in charge of taking care of my contract and I let my intentions of renewing be known. Not even a week after agreeing to renewing my contract, I get told that the department I'm with is moving . . . to Tokyo!!


I don't like Tokyo to begin with and now I'm looking at an increased commute time. To add insult to injury, the Tokyo office is farther from the station than the one in Shin Yokohama was. I have to opt to take the bus or walk. Considering the waiting time for the bus, plus the short ride and crowded conditions, walking seems to be a better and healthier option.

It's my 2nd day of commuting and it's raining all day long. I hate rainy days and umbrellas. There's a slope going down from the overpass and all I see ahead of me is a colorful sea of umbrellas. Guess that's to be expected since there's a women's college down the road so the students would be carrying bright and pretty-looking umbrellas.

I'm going to have to see how things go at this "new" workplace. Gotta say, the view is amazing . . . NOT! In Shin Yokohama, I had a great view of the "love hotels" and train tracks. At this Tokyo office, I have a lovely view of the cemetery on one side, an awesome view of the Shuto highway on the other. This place doesn't have much going for it. Haven't tried the food in the cafeteria yet. Hope it's at least edible.

I know I'm going to hate the commute even more after spending a week in paradise!

Que sera sera . . .

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