Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lazy, dumb and illiterate

It's been a while since I've posted anything on this blog. I have another blog that I regularly maintain but it's for a select audience and not exactly suited for the innocent public. LOL

So, what've been I up to these past few months? Up to no good, of course! LOL Nah, been pretty much living a mundane life, mainly work-home-work-home with a few outings with friends in between. Summer was good, tho. I got the chance to go to the beach almost every weekend, weather permitting, but I didn't overcook myself this year! YAY! I did end up with a funky tan that looked like paint running down my back. I suspect that it's sunscreen running down my back from the sweat so it got washed away in some parts. Hopefully it'll all fade by next summer. Last year I ended up with a shield on my back. Egads!

Looks like the States is in shit creek right now what with the clowns in DC playing games at the citizens' expense. I'm living in Japan, but if the States defaults on its payments, the ripple effect can expand way over to tomorrowland like the Lehman shock. It took me a year to get hired for the job I'm doing now as it is. If the States sends the world into another down spiral, it'll be my turn to default on my mortgage payments. Now that would totally suck since I have about 5 more years to go. I'd hate to become homeless at this point in my life.

Reading about what's going on in the States reminds me of a non-profit membership club I used to work for. There were the directors, committees and management. Of course, the management was tasked with the daily running of the club but had no major deciding power. The board and committee chairs are nominated and elected by the membership. So, when something needs to be done, they had to go to the committees, the committees toss the hot potato around for a decade or so then send the potato up to the directors. Then the potato's tossed around some more and by the time they make any decision, the potato's all dried and shriveled up. So how's that management system working? Bankruptcy is a matter of time. The members were always bitching and moaning about the lack of action by the powers that be, but still, they keep electing the same crowd of power-hungry micro-managing idiots year after year. Sound familiar? The members always had the power of the vote, but they mainly took the easy route and gave their vote to whoever was the chairman. It's the same with the States. Nobody does any research on their own, swallow whatever the media feeds them hook, line and sinker, and mindlessly vote for any name they recognize.

Living abroad gives me a third-party view of what's going on and man, I have to say that Americans are getting lazier and dumber every year. Proof of that was an article I saw where an interview was done out in the street asking which people preferred--Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act. It's the same frikkin' thing! O.M.F.G! I couldn't believe how many people thought they were two separate policies and supported one but didn't support the other. You can add illiterate to lazy and dumb. My long-term plan is to eventually go back home and retire but I'm not sure if that's a good idea seeing how things are in the States right now.

Mid-term elections are coming up next year so I hear. This reminds me what a person who was active supporting the Democratic party once told me--voting isn't a right, it's a responsibility. Looks like it's high time that Americans, yours truly included, start doing some serious research and vote out the clowns that ran our grand nation to the ground.

But in reality, nothing will change. Money talks and bullshit walks . . .

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