Monday, October 28, 2013

Dumb and dumber

Just as I thought the politicians in the States can't get any dumber, I see an article that the Tea Party chairman wants to file a class action suit against homosexuality.


According to their logic, homosexuality leads to AIDS more than smoking leads to cancer.


According to some studies done in the past, tobacco caused more deaths than by HIV, drugs, alcohol, car accident, suicides, and murders combined. So, just where did these bozos get their stats from?

Politicians get voted into office, which means they're chosen by the voters. Are the voters in the States who support these bozos just as ignorant? It's appalling that not only are they governing the country, they're also wasting an colossal amount of taxpayer's money coming up with all these "brilliant" ideas, instead of coming up with ways to help the average citizen improve their quality of life. Want to cut on spending? Toss these useless politicians in the dumpster, where they belong!

I was yakking with my chat buddy and he was asking if there's a petition against stupid politicians that he can sign. I looked, but no banana. Sure, we can start one up, but doubt that'd do much good, since you CAN'T FIX STUPID, can you?

OK. Done with this rant.

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