Sunday, June 23, 2013

The world of online dating

A gal pal was telling me how she joined an online dating site and the types of questions they asked to find the "perfect match". I wasn't all that interested in the dating part, but I was curious as to see what kind of questions they asked, so I created a profile.

Boy was I surprised at how men would reach out to someone over on the other side of the world saying they're looking for ever-lasting love and serious relationships. Really??!! I know I'm not capable of keeping up a long-distance relationship and certainly am not delusional enough to even have an online relationship. I need to be able to actually meet the person to see if there's any connection and physical attraction before I even think about starting up any type of relationship.

It is irritating how some men will contact me without reading my profile and find it shocking that I'm not Japanese and call them out of the crap they tried to dish out.

I modified my profile to be really bitchy, so I haven't been getting all that many emails lately. LOL

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