Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Setting priorities

I rarely enter discussions where the topics are controversial. I have my own opinions and I'm not about to argue or defend them. It's my entitlement and it's not up to any others to tell me otherwise.

Since I'm usually bored at work, I read through the Yahoo News and I see that abortion is being the next hot  topic now that the gay marriage issue is starting to die down. Texas is moving to put more restrictions on abortion, which will practically ban the practice in the State.

I lean towards pro-choice. No woman goes to the clinic with glee to abort her child. It's a tough decision to make and a decision the woman has to live with for the rest of her life. I also believe that men should stay out of this argument unless if they're willing to actively prosecute the fathers who abandoned the pregnant woman to fend for herself.

Quit serving the churches, provide comprehensive education to all sexually active young people about prevention and birth control instead of lamely suggesting to abstain from sex, instill into the young men's minds that condoms are a must if they're not ready for fatherhood and to protect not only their sex partners but themselves as well, provide more than adequate care for the unwanted children that already exist in foster homes and orphanages, offer more government-funded alternatives to pregnant women who do not wish to or cannot keep the child, when a working solution to the existing problems are implemented, then start talking about further restricting a medical procedure that not only will terminate a life but also has the potential of causing permanent damage to the recipient.

While the state legislature is arguing about a topic that isn't necessarily a time-pressed issue, there was an article that due to teacher shortages in Dallas, kids aren't getting the education they need. There is a crisis in education right now. Why the haste in pushing a bill that would do more damage than good since all it will achieve is lawsuit after lawsuits and taxpayer's money is going to be used to defend the bill. Would the taxpayer's money not be better served in educating the children who, for better or for worse, are the nation's future?

Methinks the government of all levels start need to attack real problems instead of going after issues that'll get the politicians re-elected.

My 2 cents, for what it's worth.

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