Saturday, June 29, 2013

Online dating site observations Jun 30

I logged into my Ok Cupid account and on the Welcome! page, it shows the recent activities of ALL men, not just guys living in Japan. On top of that list was this:

Q: Is a girl who's slept with 100 guys a bad person?
A: Yes
Explanation: “No decent woman could survive 100 sexual partners and maintain respect for herself or men in general.”


Too bad they don't ask if a guy who's slept with 100 girls is a bad person in the same question with A: Yes for girls, No for guys, B: Yes for guys, No for girls, C: Yes for Both, D: No for Both as answers. I'd really like to see what this judgmental asshole, whose ID is "teacher of life" in Japanese (the guy's a foreigner, btw) and probably in his late 40s would reply to that. Man or woman, it shouldn't matter how many sexual partners they've had in the past. What should matter is how they've been treating their partners, like they don't go hump and dump a girl and treat her as if she's some disposable towel.

From what I hear, the trend with college-aged girls in Japan is to have as many "boyfriends" as possible and some boast that they have over 20 (how they manage their time between said "boyfriends", school and sleep is a puzzle). If these girls keep up this pace, they'll clear the 100 mark before they graduate since it's unlikely the relationship with these "boyfriends" will last more than a month or two. Would that make them a bad person? Stupid and reckless yes, but bad? I don't think so. As they mature (if ever that's possible), they might get second thoughts or regrets over what they did while they were in college but odds are they'll look back and say "ah, the good 'ol days, when I was young and carefree".

On the flip side, if a guy who's close to my age, never been married, never really had a meaningful relationship, had an extremely low number of sexual partners, I'd be concerned if there's something wrong with the guy? I've known a guy or two who never got married til late in life since they didn't like to be tied down in a relationship, but they said that they fucked like bunnies whenever they got a chance and the storage room and conference room at their offices saw quite a bit of action.

In my matches over at Ok Cupid, 13 out of 37 don't have their profile filled out, yet 5 of them do have face pics on their profs, and out of the 13, 11 are listed as replies often. Wonder if emails they send out count as replies or if their replies are ones saying fuck off?  LOL

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