Saturday, May 11, 2013

Samurai Rock Orchestra musical

Story of WORLD

Once upon a time, on a forgotten island far away, the Red People lived in peace and harmony, under the protection of a kind King and enjoyed the sweet melodious music played by the lovely Princess.

But, the Black People, of an underground world, were jealous of the Red People's "sound above ground" and conspired to take the annoying melody away from them.  

The Red People were happily enjoying dance at a feast while the Black People were conspiring to kidnap the lovely Princess.

What will happen to the Princess? Can her people rescue her from the evil clutches of the Black People? Will music and harmony be restored?

The secrets of the holy power held within the music notes will soon be revealed.
story by Naoki Iketani
Samurai Rock Orchestra
translated by yours truly

I had the opportunity to go see a musical a former co-worker is helping with the promotion. This musical is performed by an all-Japanese troupe made up of dancers and gymnasts and the music was an interesting blend of rock and classic, centered around a violin. The violinist, who also played the role of the princess, put on an entertaining display of her technique throughout the stage.

The story is thought up by the troupe leader and there are no lyrics, just music and dancing. But not any ordinary dancing.  A lot of acrobatic moves are incorporated into the acts. The story is about a princess whose music is loved by the people and the jealous and evil villains scheme to kidnap the princess and throw her people into despair.

The show started out with the dancers' shadows bouncing off the curtain followed by a series of acrobatic dancing. The highlight of the first curtain was where the villain king stacked chairs high and performed several acts of balance. It was incredible, especially since the stack of chairs was wobbling the whole time. The first curtain ended with the Princess being captured by the bad guys.

The second curtain focused on rescuing the Princess and opened up with a show of taiko drums with an array of jumping and tumbling acts. Vaulting, parallel bars, trampoline, stomping and tap dancing were incorporated into the routine and the the effect was really impressive. There was even a showdown between the taiko drummer and the band drummer.

As in any fairy tale, the princess was rescued, the villains saw the err in their ways and everybody lived in harmony. The two-hour stage went by surprisingly fast. The stage was fast-paced and entertaining and I really enjoyed the show.

I took photos with my phone camera, but unfortunately, it's not suited to take photos in spotlights and fast movements. It's best to go see this incredible show in person.

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