Saturday, May 25, 2013

One pitcher of margaritas divided by two equals happy gals

I organized a get-together with a few friends. This time we went to a Tex Mex place up in Hiroo, which was recommended by a couple of people I know. 

There was just the 5 of us this time, 1 dude and 4 gals, so he should've been a happy camper surrounded by us lovelies. It was one of the gals who recommended the place when I mentioned that the group was in the mood for Mexican food (Tex Mex is close enough . . . LOL ) A small gathering suited the venue since it was a rather small place. It's a long and narrow restaurant, with maybe only 30 or seats. But the food was really good. So was the frozen strawberry margarita. 

My gal pal was already waiting outside when I texted her that I was at the station. The dude texted me that he's running a bit late so will meet us at the restaurant. That left one missing. She messaged us that she'll be late so to start without her, which we did. She finally showed up--an hour late. There IS a limit to being fashionably late, yanno.  She was saying she was supposed to be only 20 minutes late, but she got lost for 40 minutes.  Mind you, the restaurant is basically just around the corner from the subway station, around 5 minutes away. She even has a GPS on her iPhone and them suckers point the direction you're supposed to be going! 

Anyhoo, while we were waiting for Lostie to show up, we went ahead and ordered drinks and food. My gal pal and I split a pitcher of frozen strawberry margaritas, and the other two had, of course, Corona. The chili was OK, but I think mine's better, but the salsa and chips were really good. They make some good salsa at that place! We had chorizo, enchiladas, quesadillas, taquitos and of course dessert. Man were we stuffed by the end of the meal!!

My dinner buddy (the sole dude) was ragging my gal pal, asking her who was the love of her life this week?  But she wasn't stingy about telling us of the dudes she's dating now. She showed me a pic of one of the dudes she's dating, going on about how long his eyelashes are and how much she likes his voice. She even had me listen to some recording he made. Yeah, the dude's cute, yeah, he has a nice voice, but what's his personality like? Guess she's still yet to find out since she hasn't been seeing him for all that long yet. Get some booze in her and she'll yak up a storm!  The only way to shut her up is to put something in her mouth  I couldn't believe that we got booted out after we finished our dessert, tho  But to be fair, there were people outside waiting for tables to free up. 

After dinner, we took a brisk walk down the street to a coffee shop on the corner. It was an open-air cafe with a balcony on the 2nd floor. The air was a bit chilly, but I don't think it would've been a good idea to have this rowdy bunch sitting indoors. LOL

While we were having coffee and yakking up a storm on the balcony, Lostie's friend called her, asking what she was up to. She tried to describe where she was, and she wasn't doing all that great a job at it. Her friend finally figured out where she was at, which was like just down the road from where he was. He came up and joined us--totally friendly dude and that added to our rowdiness. 

My gal pal earned a few spankings from me since she took up smoking recently (is she dating a smoker now? ). Bad girl.  So I was the only non-smoker on the balcony. Fortunately the wind was blowing the other way, so I was safe from the smoke. 

Me spanking her got the convo started up on S&M and who's S and who's M. She sent me a link on a test to see which side of the scale you are, S or M. The test was all in Japanese, so it took me a bit to get through the questions since I can't read Japanese as fast as I can English. My results came back as being the "terribly balanced type", slightly leaning toward the S side. The description of my personality was pretty accurate, too. Both Lostie and my gal pal leaned heavily toward the M side and Lostie's friend confirmed that he is a total S. Since the test was all in Japanese, my dinner buddy wasn't interested, but it would've been interesting how far he'd be leaning toward the S side. 

My gal pal sobered up a tad bit and went off to meet her date (the long eyelashes dude) so we followed suit and called it a night. 

Surprisingly enough, my head wasn't feeling the after effects of a 1/2 a pitcher of margaritas. But looks like my eyeballs were hung over and dyslexic. I wake up, look at my wristwatch, saw it was 7am and I thought to myself that it's been a while since I slept so much. When I plopped down on my PC, the clock on my desktop was saying uh no dude, it's only 5am . . .  

It was fun and I should do this more often. Hopefully those who couldn't make it this time will be able to join us the next time.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Open up and be happier

In today's society, religious beliefs pretty much dictate our morals, resulting in a repressed society shunning open discussions about sex, which is a natural desire.

Love does not equal sex and sex does not equal love. But unfortunately, many people have trouble differentiating the two.

Not all monogamous relationships are miserable and not all open relationships are happy. But, it's my personal belief that if people open up their minds and relationships, they might find the little something that's missing, enabling them to fulfill their desires without putting their relationships in jeopardy. Of course, in order to pull off open relationship, the foundation of the relationship needs to be solid between a couple. Couples need to have the capability to be open and honest with not only their partner, but with themselves as well. What do they want? How are they going to find what they're looking for? What does the partner want? Are they willing to share?  Can they separate love and sex? Do they even know the difference? What rules will they set with their partner? How will they deal with jealousy? Are they secure enough? Those and many more are questions couples need to ask themselves and their partners.

Jealousy and insecurity have no business in open relationships. If one partner is the jealous type, even a monogamous relationship will run the risk of partners clashing. Jealousy might be OK in the beginning, but it does get old fast. Jealousy gives the other partner that he/she is not trusted. If one partner is unable to trust the other, then what's the point of being in a relationship? Love alone is never enough. That only exists in storybooks and the silver screen.

I know I'm not suited for monogamy and I'm never going down that path ever again. My future partner must be confident and open-minded. He must be secure in the knowledge that he's the one I come home to at the end of the day and it's in him I place my trust. I expect him to place his trust in me as well. We have to be best buddies as well as lovers. I don't expect to know every detail of his past or what he's doing 24/7/365 so I expect my partner to share the same way of thinking. It's my belief that his past experiences made him the man he is today and it's that man I found an attraction in and decided to share my life with. My partner has to be accept the whole package that stands in front of him, orneriness, quirks and all. I'm going to need my space and privacy and I'll respect his.

I hope to find a partner that fits my criteria who is just as happy to be with me as I will be with him.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Samurai Rock Orchestra musical

Story of WORLD

Once upon a time, on a forgotten island far away, the Red People lived in peace and harmony, under the protection of a kind King and enjoyed the sweet melodious music played by the lovely Princess.

But, the Black People, of an underground world, were jealous of the Red People's "sound above ground" and conspired to take the annoying melody away from them.  

The Red People were happily enjoying dance at a feast while the Black People were conspiring to kidnap the lovely Princess.

What will happen to the Princess? Can her people rescue her from the evil clutches of the Black People? Will music and harmony be restored?

The secrets of the holy power held within the music notes will soon be revealed.
story by Naoki Iketani
Samurai Rock Orchestra
translated by yours truly

I had the opportunity to go see a musical a former co-worker is helping with the promotion. This musical is performed by an all-Japanese troupe made up of dancers and gymnasts and the music was an interesting blend of rock and classic, centered around a violin. The violinist, who also played the role of the princess, put on an entertaining display of her technique throughout the stage.

The story is thought up by the troupe leader and there are no lyrics, just music and dancing. But not any ordinary dancing.  A lot of acrobatic moves are incorporated into the acts. The story is about a princess whose music is loved by the people and the jealous and evil villains scheme to kidnap the princess and throw her people into despair.

The show started out with the dancers' shadows bouncing off the curtain followed by a series of acrobatic dancing. The highlight of the first curtain was where the villain king stacked chairs high and performed several acts of balance. It was incredible, especially since the stack of chairs was wobbling the whole time. The first curtain ended with the Princess being captured by the bad guys.

The second curtain focused on rescuing the Princess and opened up with a show of taiko drums with an array of jumping and tumbling acts. Vaulting, parallel bars, trampoline, stomping and tap dancing were incorporated into the routine and the the effect was really impressive. There was even a showdown between the taiko drummer and the band drummer.

As in any fairy tale, the princess was rescued, the villains saw the err in their ways and everybody lived in harmony. The two-hour stage went by surprisingly fast. The stage was fast-paced and entertaining and I really enjoyed the show.

I took photos with my phone camera, but unfortunately, it's not suited to take photos in spotlights and fast movements. It's best to go see this incredible show in person.