Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What's "right"?

These days, no matter where you turn, there are articles and memes plastered all over the internet about one Amendment right or another but to me, it looks like these rights are applied only when it suits those who posts such articles and memes.

I saw a post being "shared" encouraging people and businesses to not serve a certain woman because of her beliefs. Sure, the woman and her organization do things that are certainly inappropriate and insensitive, but does that give others the right to plaster her photo all over the internet and tell others to turn her away? Are her rights as a private citizen being considered? Or does that not apply because she shares different views and beliefs than the general population? I do not share any of the Christian beliefs nor have I ever read the Bible. But from the snippets I've heard over the years, Christianity is supposedly about love, mercy and tolerance, is it not? Where is the love shown to those of different hues? Where is the mercy shown to those who made mistakes in their lives? Where is the tolerance shown to those who share different beliefs? 

I'm an American expat living overseas and what I see is deplorable. The America I grew up in is quickly disappearing from the face of this earth, being replaced by a country that is filled with people who have become ignorant, irresponsible, narrow-minded and downright lazy. The nation is overrun with people who feel sorry for themselves but are too lazy to get off their fat asses and do something about it. They're quick to place the blame on others but never take a good look at themselves or their actions. I have a fellow American expat friend and he says he never wants to live in the States since it's a horrible, horrible place to be now. The people are expecting a lifestyle with champagne on a beer budget. 

There was an article where a bakery in a super store left a knife at the bottom of a kid's birthday cake but fortunately the knife was found before anybody got hurt. Of course the store profusely apologized and fully refunded the customer, but instead of accepting the apology and refund with grace, the dad said he's looking into his "legal options". Yeah dad, looking to make a quick buck? But I wouldn't be surprised if the ignorant jury awards the dad with big bucks just because the super store rakes in millions in sales and should be "punished" for being rich enough to have so many branches nationwide. What they don't realize is that if they're patrons of that store, they're contributing to the award since stores just include the cost of all those frivolous lawsuits into their pricing. I wonder just what percentage of the pricing goes to the funds that pay for lawsuits and settlements?

Sure, there are those who step up to the plate and lend a helping hand whenever a disaster strikes. But should that really so shocking to see people who actually care that it becomes national news? Shouldn't random acts of kindness be a matter of course for the proud American?  

Where the fuck did common sense go??

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