Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sakura sakura

Saturday found me in Roppongi Hills with plans to meet up with a gal who I've been chatting online with. She usually lives in Germany but said she was in Japan for the art fair in Roppongi and asked if I could join her. She also said a gal pal of mine is joining so I agreed to mosey on up to the big city. I caught my gal pal online and we set up a meeting place before we headed to where we were supposed to meet the other girl. She told us she'll be in black with pink Nike sneakers. When we got there, we couldn't find anybody that fit that description, so we waited . . . and waited . . . and waited . . . 30-40 minutes passed and still no girl in black and pink. Hmmm? My gal pal went to check out the outlets on other floors, just to make sure that she wasn't waiting in the wrong place. Now in a time where we're tethered with electronic leashes, not having a cell phone really sux in cases like this. She didn't have one to use in Japan and she didn't rent one at the airport either. Even if she had a laptop, not many places offer free WIFI in Japan.

We figured we waited long enough, so we abandoned the mission and went shopping. My gal pal sent her an email explaining how we waited but couldn't find her so we decided to leave. Neither of us heard from her since. Banana Republic was our next destination since my gal pal was in need of new outfits. There were cherry trees lined up along the street that ran next to Roppongi Hills, so we took quite a few pics of the canopy of lovely light pink blossoms. There was some event going on at the little park but since there was such a huge crowd, she led me through a less crowded path. Before we got to the store, the smell of cinnamon was in the air! Is that a Cinnabon outlet I see? YES!! Of course, we can't pass a Cinnabon outlet without getting one! *drool*

She found a couple of things she liked at Banana Republic and announced that she needed new shoes to go with her new outfits. So off we went to Ginza where there was an ABC Mart she frequents. Like there was none in Roppongi??!! Apparently not. She found a pair of ballet shoes she liked. I saw a pair of sandals that I thought were cute, but considering that my closets for my clothes, shoes and purses are overflowing, I figured I'd hold off til go through my closets and start throwing a few things out, whenever that's gonna be. LOL

We then had dinner at a place that specialized in grilled beef tongue. She was wanting dessert, as usual, so we went to a family-style restaurant for cake and coffee. I ordered an orange-mousse cake with vanilla ice cream. I plopped the ice cream into a coffee cup and poured espresso over it, making myself an affogato. She had a breakfast date and I had a date too, so we called it a night and caught the subway home. SHE only had a couple of stops to go, but I had to head back to the boonies. I made it before it was tomorrow.

Here are some pics of the cherry blossoms I took in Yokohama and Tokyo. Just as they're in full bloom, the weather gets all windy and rainy . . . go figure . . .

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