Sunday, March 10, 2013

Little isle off an isle

Spring was in the air, or temporarily, the temperature being in the 70s. It was a nice day to walk around under the sun.

My BFF of 30 years and I went to Enoshima, a small island off the shore down in the Shonan area, which is a swanky beachside resort along the coast in Kanagawa. There's a highway that runs along the coast, which tends to have bumper to bumper traffic all day long on the weekends if you're unfortunate enough to be driving there between 10am-5pm. The traffic is lighter in the morning and eases up after dark . . . usually . . .

I wanted to have brunch at Eggs 'n Things, a pancake place from Hawaii with outlets in Yokohama and Tokyo. Little did I know that they didn't offer parking and the lots around the place is outrageously expensive, even more than Tokyo (which was hard to believe!!). But my friend knew a lot where we can park for the entire day for a reasonable rate. It was a bit far from the restaurant, but the weather was nice and the sights were interesting.

Eggs 'n Things is still popular so if you get there after 10am, you'll be standing in line to get in and the visit time is limited to 90 minutes. The place is known for pancakes with loads of whipped cream piled on. I opted for a waffle, so the pile was not as high, but enough to turn into a Leaning Tower of Pisa and eventually collapse. My BFF ordered the crepes so we can share sample each other's orders. The kona blend coffee wasn't as good as we hoped, since we both know what good kona blend tastes like (the coffee at McD's in Hawaii is pretty awesome!).

The walk around Enoshima was appreciated after the filling brunch. Enoshima is a little island where the goddess of music and entertainment, Benzaiten, is enshrined and the island is said to have risen from the bottom of the sea back in the 6th century. There's also a botanical garden at the top of the island that is another tourist attraction. There were enough stairs to get to the shrine and wasn't inclined to climb more stairs up to the garden. The day was hazy so the view wasn't all that clear. On a clear day, the view of Mt. Fuji would be magnificent. The parking lot was next to the harbor and there were people fishing off the path that's along the edge of the island. It felt good to just sit there, drinking in the warm sun next to the sea, enjoying a comfortable silence in between yakking that's shared by people who've been friends for a long time.

My BFF mentioned a park that has a tiny zoo that sets above one of the most posh neighborhoods in the region, complete with security gates, which is pretty rare on this isle. We got to the park, which is up in the hills and had birds, bunnies and monkeys in cages and the peacock was strutting his stuff and showing off. Pretty cool sight. The main attraction of that park is the monkey cage, but I don't like monkeys all that much so I wandered off to take in the view. Like I said, it was hazy so the view wasn't as clear as I would've liked, but still it was nice. Just too bad that Mt. Fuji was nowhere to be seen.

We finished off the day with dinner at a steakhouse with a salad bar. Great way to end a great day! :D

I spend Sunday being totally lazy, even tho I should've been doing the taxes. I need to tackle that task before the week ends :-S

I had a great weekend. Hope ya'll did, too! :D

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