Thursday, January 31, 2013

How do you like that breast?

Chicken breast, mind you. Whaddya think I meant? LOL

I was looking at 2 long days in a row at work with one having a meeting in the evening and one having an early morning meeting, so I went to treat myself to a nice dinner with a glass of red wine at the UK pub I like to go to. The special was beef and bleu cheese pie, but since I'm not a fan of bleu cheese, I went for the grilled chicken and cheese sandwich. Man, that's one thick sandwich! The sandwich had grilled chicken breast, thick slice of cheese and salad in between tasty rye bread and came with piping hot potato wedges.

One good thing about getting booted out of the office promptly at quitting time is that you can sit back, enjoy dinner with a couple of glasses of wine and chit chat with the owner or other customers but still be home in time to get a good night's rest. Me needs me beauty sleep. LOL

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