Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ding dong . . . quitting time . . . now get your asses outta here!!

OK, how many companies do you know that have a day set aside very week to tell the staff to get the hell outta here and enjoy life? Sounds great, hey? Not so much as it sounds.

From a couple of weeks ago, the company I work for started making announcements through the PA system to remind the staff that they're expected to leave promptly at quitting time "to enrich their after work hours and to add variety in their lives". Uh-huh . . . well, as with any other company around the globe, the company's making cutbacks, including staff, so they're expecting the staff to take on extra workloads but still finish their projects on time. :> They just imposed a no-overtime policy last October.

My work relies on other people finishing their reports so I can translate them, so my time alternates between bored and busy, bored times being longer than busy times. I try to keep myself amused by catching up on current events by reading the Y! news or surfing for images to use for blings or gifs.

These days my inbox is getting flooded with emails (by flooded, I mean I'm getting more than 5 emails/day LOL ) asking me to do the translations pronto. :-S Dudes . . . :-w . . . I sift and sort, see what I can take care of right away and what'll take more time. I had a couple totally 33 pages E/J translation. UGH!! E/J translation is draining and takes twice the time than it does for J/E translation. But it is nice to actually have something to do instead of twiddling my thumbs all day long.

Gotta say, working at a Japanese company surrounded by geeks is different from what I'm used to. Never saw such a collection of dudes who totally lack in creative imagination . . . LOL

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