Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bottoms up, Rockstar!

WOOHOO! I went to the Nickelback concert that I've been looking forward to for the past few months! And the concert was AWESOME!! It was pretty chilly in the Budokan while I was waiting for the concert to start, but the temps rose quick as soon as the band got on stage. This was their first live at the "legendary" Budokan and looks like the band had a great time playing for us, just as the audience was having a grand time rockin' with the band. Yeah . . . the audience were having a grand time but man, they do NOT have the moves! NO sense of rhythm. This dude next to me was a classic case of 2 left feet, standing still, tho!! Ho-ly shite!! It's a pretty common sight at rock concerts here. Makes you wonder if you're listening to the same beat. Think jellyfish swaying in the wind . . . that's kinda what they look like. From what I heard, they gave the Japanese audience a longer show than for the others on the tour. Maybe cuz it was the last show of the tour or maybe cuz it was that they were having such a great time playing at the Budokan. Or they just wanted to keep watching the jellyfish dance! J/K

OMFG! You shoulda seen the drum solo! Awesome doesn't even come close to describing it! Daniel was banging away at the drums for what feels like forever! It was an amazing sight!! Tho the concert was Here and Now, they played a good selection of songs from their other albums. I loved it when they played Rockstar. Give it a day or two, then someone will probably upload a vid of the concert on YouTube. 

As soon as I got my ticket, I told my boss that I'll be leaving early on concert day, which he had no problems with. I even marked my calendar in big red letters! So when anybody asked me if I was available for a meeting, I'd show them my calendar and say any day except for this one. That got a chuckle out of a few co-workers. I was so excited about going to the concert, I had a hard time focusing on my work, but fortunately, I didn't get any rush jobs or anything that needed a lot of concentration to do. 

It was a cold and overcast day, forecast being rain. But I was lucky since it wasn't raining on the way to and from the concert, tho it looks like it was raining cats and dogs outside all during the concert, looking at the puddles when I got outside. I was asked to pick up a tshirt, so I got to there early enough to pick one up. Too bad that they didn't make any tshirts specially for the Budokan live. Now that would've been sooooo cool. But alas, they just had the general tour tshirt. Oh well. The line at the official goods tent was pretty long so it was a good thing I got there early. There were hawkers outside the grounds that were selling "unofficial" goods. I hear that the the bootleg stuff they sell in Mexico and South America are so much cooler than the official goods that even bands have their staff go out and buy some. LOL

Getting home was an ordeal. There was an accident on the line I usually take so I had to double back to take a different route, which takes longer usually. On top of that, mini boss decided to schedule an early morning meeting the next day. I hate early morning meetings in the winter--it's dark out when the alarm goes off and still dark when I leave the house. That just doesn't sit right with me. I'm going to work, FFS! Why do I have to leave the house when it's still dark??!!

Anyhoo, I had a great time at the concert. Getting back to reality the next day was brutal . . . 

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