Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sew sew sew the dress . . .

Well, not exactly a dress, but skirt and blouse

I have a flamenco recital coming up soon and the prices they charge for flamenco dresses/skirts/blouses and whatnots are unbelievable. Not to mention that it isn't easy to find a size that fits my fat ass. LOL

So whenever there's a recital coming up, I usually end up sewing a new dress/skirt/blouse depending on the color scheme. This time, it was red, white and black. I do have a red polka-dot dress I made a little while back, but it was time I made something else.

The skirt didn't take all that long to make, but it took me longer to finish the blouse than I thought it would since work got busier than usual. Now all I have to do is memorize the routine and choreography. Yikes!!

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