Sunday, October 28, 2012


Yo might have different origins and uses in English but one of the uses is the same as a Japanese girl would use it at the end of a sentence. Adding yo at the end of a sentence is a girlish way to talk, so dudes might not want to use yo while in Japan or people'll think they picked it up from their Japanese GFs. LOL  Dudes who pick up Japanese from their Japanese GFs do tend to sound girly  :)) But only someone who's fluent would pick up on the difference. I sometimes wonder if using yo at the end of a sentence got exported from Japan by dudes who picked it up from their GFs? :-?

Yo is also used like hey, which is another common usage. Not polite, but common. Saying yo yo when calling out to someone is more of a masculine usage, so you won't hear girly girls using it all that much. When I speak Japanese, I take on a more masculine tone, which friends find interesting since it's a pretty big contrast from how I look on the outside. I never did like the girly way of talking. :-?

I get weird looks from expats when I tell them I don't eat raw fish. They look at me as if I'm out of my mind. That's why I like the sushi go rounds they have here since the toppings aren't always raw fish and they have a pretty good variety that I can eat. Yeah, I'm a fussy eater so not easy to cook for  :P

Speaking of cooking, my friend promised to bake me cookies :-?  Dude, don't forget to bring freshly baked cookies the next time you see me, yo! :P

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Wasshoi! Wasshoi!

That's what you hear from the people carrying the portable shrines down the avenue. In English it's translated to heave ho, but instead of pulling, they're carrying the heavy shrines while bobbing rhythmically to the chants. The mikoshi is the portable shrine they carry down the main avenue in a parade before they return the little shrines back in their rightful places after the festivities are over.

My friend told me that he'll be carrying one of the shrines in the Mikoshi Parade. The weather was nice, warm, actually, for this time of year, so I ventured out to his neck of the woods. I looked down the main avenue but I didn't see a bunch of gaijins (foreigners) standing around the rather large portable shrine I saw sitting at the station. Turns out he's over at the park. Park? He didn't say anything about a park? So I head over to the park and lo and behold, there were a lot of portable shrines decked out in their full glory waiting to be shown off in the parade.

I saw my friend standing around with his buddies and texted him I was at the park. Then I roamed around taking pics for my blog. The frikkin' idiot didn't miss this chance to sneak up on me and make me jump.  But it's not often that he gets to do that . . . it's usually me laughing at his expense. LOL We chitchatted for a bit before he had to go back to his buddies. Gotta say that he did look cute in his red happi coat, which is like a livery but adapted to be more festive. He said the parade starts at 10am, but it was more like 11am before his lot joined the parade. So in the meantime I wandered around taking a bunch of pics.

His lot finally started moving so I tried to take pics but there was always someone in the way  At least I got a pic of him looking all cute in his happi coat when he came to chitchat with me for a bit

I usually don't go to these festivals since it's always too crowded but I went to show a little support for the darling dude. It was nice getting out to enjoy the weather for a bit. I did crawl into bed to take a nap right after I got home, tho. LOL

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sew sew sew the dress . . .

Well, not exactly a dress, but skirt and blouse

I have a flamenco recital coming up soon and the prices they charge for flamenco dresses/skirts/blouses and whatnots are unbelievable. Not to mention that it isn't easy to find a size that fits my fat ass. LOL

So whenever there's a recital coming up, I usually end up sewing a new dress/skirt/blouse depending on the color scheme. This time, it was red, white and black. I do have a red polka-dot dress I made a little while back, but it was time I made something else.

The skirt didn't take all that long to make, but it took me longer to finish the blouse than I thought it would since work got busier than usual. Now all I have to do is memorize the routine and choreography. Yikes!!