Thursday, June 28, 2012

What's your name say?

I was reading another blog and the writer said she looked up her name in the Urban Dictionary and looked up the meaning of her name.

OK, sounds like fun. I went to look up my name and lo and behold, I'm pretty awesome, regardless if I were  a male or female. Yeah, my name goes both ways. Here're the results I found:

Female version:
Person named this is usually quite smart.

She is a very beautiful girl/woman/lady inside and out------- Origin Ireland, has great artisitc talent, loves to piant draw anything ARTISTIC! Lovig Sympathetic Optamistic. Smart Creative a GOOD friend likes to have fun and laugh. Also has origin of Venus the Godess of Love and Beauty!

Fun, sympathetic, and charming. Witty, brilliant, and an excellent friend. Unless you want your friends to call you. Ever.

Male version:
An extraordinary man. Real. Down to earth. Funny, Witty, Handsome, Intelligent and a true friend. Tough personality but has a huge heart.

Not sure if I like the "Unless if you want your friends to call you. Ever." part, but overall, seems like my name pretty much suits my persona.

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