Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Commuting in comfort

Since it's getting too warm to wear my Skechers Tone-ups with a furry lining, I was looking for something to replace it to use for commuting.

There were a pair I liked but the shipping costs proved to be too expensive if I ordered them from the States so I was browsing local sites to see if I can find anything I liked.

Then I came across these. I've been wanting a pair of Shape-ups and since these were on sale, I was like eh, why not?  I spent the weekend out and by the time I got home, there they were, waiting for me.

I tried them on and OMG! are they comfortable! The fit was great, even the arches. I don't think I can really put much faith in getting in shape just by wearing these to and from work, but at least I can walk in comfort. Trying to navigate through the train station in the morning can get to be a brutal ordeal.


  1. I like your new shoes. They are really cute, I like the pink and gray. And a plus if they are comfortable. I just recently bought a cute pair online, wore them about 5 minutes, really just around the building at work, took them off and sent them back. I was so disappointed. But your sound great for what you want them for. Happy training!

    1. It's not easy buying shoes online. You never know how it'll fit.

      What I usually do is try a pair on at the store and go online to see if I can find a better deal.