Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kapow, boom!

OK, who's been pissing Mother Nature off these days?

First it was a bed-rocking earthquake in the middle of the frikkin' night a couple of nights ago and then last night there was lightening and thunder accompanying the heavy rain. I have a Dutch friend who lives in Taiwan who loves this kind of weather but not this gal!

The weather report from the day before said only 20% rain, but that changed over the course of the night. Since I have a bad habit of not checking the weather report before leaving the house and not carry an umbrella unless if it's actually raining when I step foot outside, I ended up getting drenched on the way home. At least I have a hot bath waiting for me.

Today's lovely out. Too bad I have to work. It'd be a nice day to have a picnic in the park.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hard task?

OK, one of my pet peeves is seeing an empty roll of toilet paper in the holder.

I work in an office building with several women and I come across this more times than I'd like. Really ladies, what is so hard about replacing a roll of toilet paper? There's toilet paper stacked right there on the shelf, even!! What's more irritating is seeing both holders empty. Seriously? Not one of the ladies who used the stall could change it? I really doubt we're taking away the cleaning lady's job by showing consideration for the next user . . .


Commuting in comfort

Since it's getting too warm to wear my Skechers Tone-ups with a furry lining, I was looking for something to replace it to use for commuting.

There were a pair I liked but the shipping costs proved to be too expensive if I ordered them from the States so I was browsing local sites to see if I can find anything I liked.

Then I came across these. I've been wanting a pair of Shape-ups and since these were on sale, I was like eh, why not?  I spent the weekend out and by the time I got home, there they were, waiting for me.

I tried them on and OMG! are they comfortable! The fit was great, even the arches. I don't think I can really put much faith in getting in shape just by wearing these to and from work, but at least I can walk in comfort. Trying to navigate through the train station in the morning can get to be a brutal ordeal.