Monday, March 5, 2012


I've basically figured out which train is less sardine-packed compared to others in the morning but I'm still experimenting. One morning I get to the station early and saw that the local train (stops at every frikkin stop and sits pretty at certain stations waiting for an express trains to pass by) just pulled in. I always wondered what the difference in time was between a local train and express. So I get on the local train, find a seat (which is a rare treat in the mornings) and off I go . . . but not for long  . . . before I realize it, the train's sitting pretty for several minutes, waiting for the express trains to pass by. Oh crap! I just saw the train I usually take speed past! That means I need to change trains at the next major station or I'll be late for work. So much for experimenting . . . *sigh* . . .

The train I usually take is crowded but there's still enough space around me to breathe freely. But, the express train I ended up taking that morning was one of the seriously jam-packed ones where you can't even move your arms. You're stuck in the position you're in when you get on the train til the crowd gets off at the next major station. Talk about stifling!! So there I was, squished up against the other commuters (luckily the neighbors didn't pig out on garlic the night before), swaying to and fro since the ride is far from smooth. You never know where dance lessons come in good use, especially where the instructor teaches you how to shift your weight so you can still keep your balance.

I barely made the connecting train that I usually take but I made it to the station at my usual time. Yay! I can stop by the store to pick up some yogurt for breakfast.  No, I don't eat breakfast at home since I barely have time to get out of the house to get my fat ass to work after I get out of bed.  Besides, 6-7am's too early to eat.  8-9am is a good time to have breakfast for me. But I'm not the only one eating breakfast at work. The geeks around me seem to be glued to their keyboards, eating breakfast and lunch (and probably supper, too) at their desks while busily clacking away codes and whatnots and use the 2nd drawer in their desks as their goodies drawer, storing cookies and candies to snack on over the course of the day. The peeps here sure make good use of the convenience store on the 1st floor. LOL

Oh well, now I know that taking the local train in the morning isn't a good idea and better to stick with the train I've been taking. At least I can have breathing space on this one and possibly get a seat on the connecting train.


  1. How are you liking the job???

  2. Bored to tears since I don't have much to do yet. Maybe it'll get better once I get the hang of things.