Monday, March 5, 2012


Gotta give 'em a good whack to get them working right sometimes . . .

I thought I dropped my Mp3 player one too many times the other day when it stopped playing my beloved Bon Jovi. Yeah, I'm one of the rare few who still don't have an iPod :P  I could use my tablet if need be but my Mp3 player's a whole lot smaller. Anyhoo, the little sucker flew out of my pocket and onto the hard-tiled floor of the store I was exploring (I'm starting to get to know the area where I work a bit more and exploring the stores). So I pick the player up, turn it on . . . silence . . . not a peep . . . I take out the battery, put it back in . . . it looks like it's trying to read but not getting to the playing stage yet . . . damn! Do I need a new player? I haven't even got paid yet! I plug the earphones in my tablet and listen to Bon Jovi from that while I was still fiddling with the player since I was exactly ready to give up yet. As a last resort, I have the sucker a good thwack from the other side. Lo and behold! Houston, we have lift off!  :))  Who knew that all the little player needed was a good spanking?  =))


  1. I think I killed my Zune. :(
    I have music in my phone and plenty of room for variety, but somehow it doesn't seem the same. I don't know why.

  2. Maybe it's the quality of the speaker?