Monday, March 26, 2012

Ow ow ow . . .

Don't you just hate it when you get a call from Nature in the middle of the night?

So last night I did and while I was going downstairs half asleep (Japanese houses tend to have only one bathroom), my slipper slipped on the edge of a step and I ended up sliding down half a flight of stairs, hitting my butt, tailbone, funny bone, the side of my heel and shoulder blade area.

Now I have a nice bruise on my butt and elbow, a bruised tailbone and heel, and sore shoulders. Since I'm not fully awake in the mornings, I didn't start to feel the pain until I was riding to the station on my scooter. And man, did I feel every single bump! OW! On the train, I had to be careful not to sit back too much or my tailbone'd start complaining.

Here I am at the office sitting in front of my laptop, in pain and my back getting sore from having to sit in a position I usually don't. Never thought leaning back to stretch could be so painful! OUCH!

I'm sure I'll be sore for a couple of days, but hope I'm better by the weekend!

Be careful of them pesky stairs in the middle of the night!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Flowing text

OK, I think I figured why it takes me so long to translate from English to Japanese. Not only do the words not flow as smoothly in Japanese as it does in English, I have to convert the words into kanji characters and there're usually more than one character to choose from. Talk about PITA!

When typing in English, once you type a word, you can go onto the next unless if you made a typo. In Japanese, you have to convert the word into kanji before you can go onto the next. Doing that takes up precious seconds and the seconds add up to minutes and the minutes add up to hours.

I'm not all that familiar with Japanese grammar, either. I'm glad I'm not translating something that needs proper grammar. *whew!*

Anyhoo, it's taking me forever to finish an English to Japanese assignment and it can get to be irritating because of the slow progress. I hope they give me more Japanese to English assignments than vice versa. I'm missing the times I was just twiddling my thumbs with nothing to do. LOL

Monday, March 12, 2012

Weepy? Really?

A friend invited me over for breakfast and I'm not one to pass up a chance to get me some real, crisp, US bacon. LOL

There were 4 of us having breakfast that morning, one being the my friend's GF, who I met for the first time. I've heard what others've said about her but I kept an open mind but didn't take long for it to slam shut.

So I filled my plate with bacon, pancakes, hashed potatoes, and scrambled eggs and sat back down on the couch where I usually sit whenever I'm over. I think the dog learned by now that I don't share so he went to sit in front of someone else. LOL Two of us wolfed down our food and thanked the dude for a great breakfast. I look over and saw the GF in tears while eating her food. WTF?! I was like really? There're people over FFS, and one who you've never met before and you're sitting there crying? Seriously?

Seems like she got her feelings hurt since we didn't thank her, too. When my friend told me that she's the one who cooked the bacon and helped prepping, my first thought was so THAT's why the bacon was kinda under-cooked. But I didn't say anything. I just smiled and said OK. But seriously, is that something to cry about? Really?

I might be rash in my dislike for her since I only met her that one time and don't know her, but she didn't make a great impression and she reminded me of my former assistant. Now that was one weak, weepy, manipulative and vindictive bitch who had a tendency to pine over things that belonged to others. On the surface, she gives off the impression that she's cheery and nice but in truth, she'll go behind a person's back, crying over every single thing that made her unhappy and manipulate others so they'll turn on anyone who she doesn't like, me being one of them. Did I do anything about it? No, not really. I let her dig her own grave and eventually she fell flat on her face in it.

Personally, I don't have much tolerance for weak, weepy, manipulative bitches who let loose the waterworks whenever their feelings get hurt or they're unhappy about something and expect people around her to feel sorry and fawn over her. Which is what her BF did. Yeah, whatever dude. If she gets your freak on, have at it.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


It's said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, since I'm used to later mornings (I used to leave for work between 9-10am at my old workplace), I really don't feel like fixing myself anything for breakfast. I'm not much of a morning person and not usually hungry at 6am. Hell, I'm barely awake! LOL

Working in an office district does have its advantages. There're places open early that serve breakfast. I usually get a container of yogurt from the store but sometimes I'll have a heavier breakfast. The typical Japanese breakfast is rice, miso soup, dried seaweed and raw egg (I can hear screams of eeeeewwwwwwwww!!! here . . . LOL ), fish, and pickles. We're not talking cucumber pickles like in the States. The veggies are usually pickled in salt or what's called nuka (a fermenting bed using rice bran). These pickles go well with white rice.

I should start eating heavier breakfasts and lighter dinners, tho. My jeans are too tight so I can use to lose some weight. I hate dieting. *sigh*

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Achoo! Honk!

. . . is the chorus that's resonating throughout the office these days. Hail allergy season!

Every year around this time you'll see people with red eyes and noses, not cuz they have a cold or they saw a sad movie, it's cuz there's pine pollen in the air and a good chunk of city folk've (and also some in rural communities) succumbed to allergies. Some people go as far as getting laser surgery before the allergy season starts so they won't have to carry boxes of tissues with them.

Apparently, the plan build the forests back up after the big war ended up with having an unpleasant side affect for the citizens of this isle. Springtime, when you're supposed to say good-bye to cold weather, welcome the warm weather, sunshine, flora and fauna, breathe in the fresh air and feel good, now is a season that's dreaded by the Sneezies.

BUT, hell if these peeps are letting allergies put a damper in their partying! LOL By the end of this month or early next month, you'll see party-goers sitting under the cherry blossom trees eating, drinking, singing (as well as sneezing), having a great ol' time.

So far, I've been spared . . . knock on wood. LOL

Monday, March 5, 2012

PC games

OK . . . getting locked out of your own PC is a sure way to get rid of the Polynesian paralysis aka afternoon drowsiness. 

I was installing a software that I need to learn to use and that required a system reboot. Sure, no problem. So I reboot the system and entered my password. Bleep! Wrong password! Eh? Typo'd the password? OK . . . so I enter the password again . . . Bleep! Wrong password. WTF?! So this time I entered the password one key at a time reaaaaaaaal slow. This time I'm told I had to reboot. HUH??!! OK, so I reboot and entered the password again. Now the PC says nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah . . .  your password's correct but I'm not letting you in  :P:P:P  The little piece of shit locked me out!!

Grumble grumble grumble . . . 

The stupid security software this place uses went bonkers on me and the administrator had a jolly good time fixing it. Hey, I didn't do nothin'! Ain't my fault that the sucker decided to play games with the user . . . hmph!!

Anyhoo, my PC's finally unlocked and the new password's working . . . for now . . . :-w


I've basically figured out which train is less sardine-packed compared to others in the morning but I'm still experimenting. One morning I get to the station early and saw that the local train (stops at every frikkin stop and sits pretty at certain stations waiting for an express trains to pass by) just pulled in. I always wondered what the difference in time was between a local train and express. So I get on the local train, find a seat (which is a rare treat in the mornings) and off I go . . . but not for long  . . . before I realize it, the train's sitting pretty for several minutes, waiting for the express trains to pass by. Oh crap! I just saw the train I usually take speed past! That means I need to change trains at the next major station or I'll be late for work. So much for experimenting . . . *sigh* . . .

The train I usually take is crowded but there's still enough space around me to breathe freely. But, the express train I ended up taking that morning was one of the seriously jam-packed ones where you can't even move your arms. You're stuck in the position you're in when you get on the train til the crowd gets off at the next major station. Talk about stifling!! So there I was, squished up against the other commuters (luckily the neighbors didn't pig out on garlic the night before), swaying to and fro since the ride is far from smooth. You never know where dance lessons come in good use, especially where the instructor teaches you how to shift your weight so you can still keep your balance.

I barely made the connecting train that I usually take but I made it to the station at my usual time. Yay! I can stop by the store to pick up some yogurt for breakfast.  No, I don't eat breakfast at home since I barely have time to get out of the house to get my fat ass to work after I get out of bed.  Besides, 6-7am's too early to eat.  8-9am is a good time to have breakfast for me. But I'm not the only one eating breakfast at work. The geeks around me seem to be glued to their keyboards, eating breakfast and lunch (and probably supper, too) at their desks while busily clacking away codes and whatnots and use the 2nd drawer in their desks as their goodies drawer, storing cookies and candies to snack on over the course of the day. The peeps here sure make good use of the convenience store on the 1st floor. LOL

Oh well, now I know that taking the local train in the morning isn't a good idea and better to stick with the train I've been taking. At least I can have breathing space on this one and possibly get a seat on the connecting train.


Gotta give 'em a good whack to get them working right sometimes . . .

I thought I dropped my Mp3 player one too many times the other day when it stopped playing my beloved Bon Jovi. Yeah, I'm one of the rare few who still don't have an iPod :P  I could use my tablet if need be but my Mp3 player's a whole lot smaller. Anyhoo, the little sucker flew out of my pocket and onto the hard-tiled floor of the store I was exploring (I'm starting to get to know the area where I work a bit more and exploring the stores). So I pick the player up, turn it on . . . silence . . . not a peep . . . I take out the battery, put it back in . . . it looks like it's trying to read but not getting to the playing stage yet . . . damn! Do I need a new player? I haven't even got paid yet! I plug the earphones in my tablet and listen to Bon Jovi from that while I was still fiddling with the player since I was exactly ready to give up yet. As a last resort, I have the sucker a good thwack from the other side. Lo and behold! Houston, we have lift off!  :))  Who knew that all the little player needed was a good spanking?  =))