Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sampling cream

A few friends got together for yakiniku over the weekend and the food was fabulous! One evasive friend surprised us by coming to the restaurant!  Miss Chatterbox and I were merrily yakking away as usual and I told her the time and place we were meeting. She did ask if she could join us, which surprised me since she's not the most outgoing person around. Of course she was more than welcome and she actually showed up!

So the 4 of us sat around the table grilling meat and yakking up a storm.  After we got our fill of meat, we topped off the dinner with cold and refreshing ice cream. We each ordered a different flavor and went around sampling each other's ice cream. Of course, chocolate ice cream rocks!  

After dinner, we headed out (in the cold) for drinks. The original plan was to go to a Spanish restaurant located at the other side of the station but sadly they were closed. So we went to a bar that had fish tanks filled with colorful tropical fish lined up along the walls instead. It was a nice bar, tho a bit on the dark side but that brought out the colorfulness of the fishies. The time to catch the train was fast approaching so we called it a night and bit our extended farewells at the station with lots of hugs and kisses. At any other time, we would've looked like a rather odd group but the station was filled with tons of drunks so we blended right in!

My hunger got the best of me and I forgot to take pics!

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