Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kuhlahpus . . .

Since "r" and "th" don't exist in Japanese phonetics, these people have a funky way of pronouncing foreign words. Every now and then I'll come across some words pronounced in such a weird way that it takes me a while to figure out what they're saying.

In my island of desks, everybody else is a programmer. So they're throwing out techie terms all day long and the guy who sits across from me kept on talking about kuhlahpus. I've been hearing that term almost every day and one day, while I was doing some translation work, it dawned on me that he was taking about color paths!!  Sheesh!! And here I was wondering if I was picking up some techie term. LOL

Here're some examples of how some words have funky pronunciations:
Tijuana = Ti-fah-na
Vinyl = be-knee-ru
Cyprus = ki-pu-rossu
Law/Raw/Low/Row = loh
Pass/Path = pa-su
Coffee = koh-he

Since their phonetics are more limited, tho they maybe speaking English, sometimes it 's hard to understand a word they're saying. Guess if I stick around long enough, I will pick up some real techie terms. LOL

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  1. I always wondered why foreign countries (foreign from America) don't hire someone fluent in English (or Americanese) to translate their manuals, but now it all makes sense! Even if they do, when they explain what they are doing to a fluent English speaker, the English speaker/translator can't understand half of what they hear!


    I wonder if this is the reason men don't like to read instructions. hmmmmmm

    Just kidding!!!