Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Traumatizing beauty

OK. Taking care of your complexion might not be an easy task. But whenever you don one of these moisturizing facial masks, don't roam around the house too much or you might end up traumatizing your mother. I guess coming across one of these (refer to the right) is least expected in the house and a person can forget to breathe for a few seconds. LOL My son's seen me like this a couple of times. After freezing in place for a second or two, he just starts giggling. The things women do for beauty, hey?

A friend of mine got me a whole bunch of these when he went to Korea for work. The Koreans aren't fooling around when it comes to their cosmetics. These facial packs make your skin feeling smooth and after regular use, you'll notice the difference on how the foundation goes on. I also got a tube of the Korean BB cream foundation and it's nice how it goes on thin and light but still manages to cover blemishes. This foundation serves as an all-in-one moisturizer, sunscreen and base cover so one application takes care of all these.

I'm going to be enjoying smooth moist skin while supplies last. It's good especially the winters are so dry here they suck out all the moisture out of brown sugar.


  1. Hahaha my kids like to play "kill the zombies" and you could be a casualty if seen like that here.
    I wonder where I can get something like that here. The facial masks they sell in the store aren't very good and I can't afford a professional session. We do have Korean markets here. I wonder...

  2. Remind me not to have a mask on when your kids are around. *yikes!!*

    I've seen Korean cosmetics being sold at Korean markets here so maybe you can find it there, too. If all fails, there's always online shopping. LOL

  3. Hello,

    Great post...and fab photo. I want some of those too..I will check out some of our Korean markets too.

    Great blog hon.