Monday, January 2, 2012

Oh well . . .

. . . so much for resolutions. Since my closets and drawers were overflowing with clothes, hats, shoes and purses, I "resolved" to try to not add to the chaos. Key word being try.

Bored and restless, I finally shed my pjs, change clothes, put on some make-up and head out to go shopping. I needed to go out soon anyway since there're a few birthdays coming up.

So there I was, browsing around for birthday presents and what catches my eye? This hat! I swear it was beckoning me! It was like 60% off and when I tried it on, it was a good fit. It'll go good with my red or black trenchcoats, too. Kaching! The sale was rung up. Sigh . . . so much for resolutions. That's why I'm not in the habit of making any. And I got myself some chocolates, too. But that's OK since it won't add to the chaos in my closet, tho they might add to the tightness of my jeans.

Well, I didn't end my shopping at the hat. I did pick up a couple of birthday presents while I was at it. All in all, it was a good afternoon and I came home pretty happy with myself.


  1. I love that hat!! I use to wear hats when I was younger, my favorite being a white fedora with a navy trim. It looks awesome on you!

  2. Hi Darling,

    Welcome to google world O blogging..Sooo happy to have you here with us. Awesome hat too...YOU look great.