Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Meeting up with meat!

For you vegetarians/vegans out there, move on, cuz meat was on the menu that night and lots of it!

A few friends and I got together for a new year’s party in Shibuya the other night. Since the churrasco place was offering a New Year special, we decided to go get our fill of meat. And get our fill, we did! No doubt about that! The food was so goooooooood! :D

I headed out early so I can snap off a few pics of Shibuya. I didn’t take into account that it got totally dark by 5pm. It was still light out when I left the house! So I get out of the station, not happy that it’s always a few degrees colder in central Tokyo than it is where I live, overwhelmed by the crowds but somehow plow my way through for my stroll around the area.

I started up Dogenzaka, then cut through the “love hotel” district. I’ve never seen so many “love hotels” clumped together in one place! There was one sign that said this hotel is built in the pure Japanese traditional way with cedar bathtubs. I thought that was kinda quaint. I also found the swinger’s club that’s popular among the foreign crowd. I was looking for it and passed right by it a couple of time without knowing it. LOL I came across a few places that advertised “relaxation herbs” . . . now wonder what that can be?? :-?

Shibuya’s an interesting place. On the left, you have the hotel clusters, in the middle you have the shops and eateries geared toward the younger crowd and on the right you have the higher priced department stores.

My friends and I were to meet in front of the Hachiko statue (not the best idea if it’s crowded). I was wearing a brightly colored hat that helped me stand out since otherwise I’d be buried in the sea of people. They were able to find me and off we went to the Brazilian restaurant. 2 of my friends are city folk so they were able to negotiate the crowd without hitch but me and another friend are fellow booniesville residents so we had a hard time keeping up.

We finally made it to the restaurant. It was good that we thought to make reservations cuz the place was packed! They were turning away people without reservations. We got to our seats, placed our orders and headed straight for the buffet table. The black bean stew they served was really good. I sampled a bit of each of the dishes, except for the ones that had things I don’t like, and all in all, I liked it. While wolfing down the salad and other Brazilian dishes, the servers come around to the table with meat, meat and more meat. Then they give you a small slice of each, you’re pretty full after sampling 7-8 types grilled meat they bring around. The grilled pineapple was good and refreshing before moving on to dessert. Sadly, I only had room to try 3 kinds of dessert, the custard pudding, chocolate pudding and fruit jello, and of course, some coffee. No way am I gonna step on the scale the next morning! :))

After dinner, we went out for some drinks and yakked a bit more. It was a great evening. I had my son come pick me up at the train station since I wasn’t sure how much I’d be drinking that night. It ended up that I didn’t drink that much but it’s nice to have a car waiting at the station to take you home. :)


  1. Wow those photos and your tale sound like a lot of fun. Now why was it that you had to walk past the swingers club so many times? *wink*

  2. Cuz the signs were discreet and placed high. *nyah!* The signs are NOT short person friendly. *pout*