Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012

2011 wasn't the greatest year for me. Never imagined that I'd end up being unemployed for an entire year. Despite the fact that I'm fully bilingual and have tons of experience, my age and lack of degree is biting me in the ass big-time here in this male-dominated pedigree society. The prefer to hire young dimwit who limped through college partying more than studying than someone with experience and is good at their job. *sigh*

Now it's 2012, new year, new hopes and preferably with few disappointments. It doesn't help that the year started with Mother Nature shaking her booty. The epicenter was off the shores of an uninhabited island over by the Izu Peninsula and registered M7 but it was only M3 where I live. But still, it was a long one. I'm sure the doomsdaysayers are crying out it's an omen! LOL

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's shinnenkai (new year party) with a few friends. I know it's gonna be tons of fun.

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