Friday, January 20, 2012

A good day

My birthday came and went but I had a good one this year.  The day before, a friend took me out to dinner and on the day I had dinner with a couple of other friends. Since I told my mom that let's stay away from getting clothing articles since both of our wardrobes are overflowing, she got me a big box of chocolates and rice crackers since she figures I'll be craving something salty after eating so many sweets. LOL

For the dinner with friends, we went to a restaurant that runs a bakery and they offer all you can eat freshly baked rolls. I like their yomogi rolls, made with Japanese mugwort. The course dinner was nice, we had salad, appetizer, main dish and dessert w/ coffee/tea. We ordered different appetizers and main dishes so we can share. The food was nice and we were sopping up the sauce with the freshly baked rolls. Yum!

I was waiting for friend to finish packing so we can ride the train together, me to the dinner, him to the airport, so I ended up being a bit late. Trains are evil, tho . . . they make you drowsy and you doze off almost missing your stop.  I got off first, wished him a safe trip, and headed off to the restaurant.

I was out all day and didn't get home til late at night so I got my birthday present from my son the day after. He got me some cake  And they were gooooood!

It's a conspiracy! Everybody's out to expand my waistline on my birthday this year!  But still, it was a good day and hugs and kisses to all my friends who sent me birthday wishes!