Friday, December 30, 2011

Welcome to my world

I'll be updating this blog periodically, when random thoughts hit me or when I find myself traveling to somewhere, may it be in Japan or overseas.

A bit about me. I'm from the US, Navy brat born and bred, been living in Japan for 30+ years, fully bilingual, currently unemployed and hoping to land a good-paying job in 2012. Living close to the beach is an advantage, keeps the area warmer in the winter and I don't have to make plans to spend a day at the beach in the summer. I have 2 cats that don't like each other very much, the male an orphan abandoned in front of my house and the female a somali mix given to me by a friend. They're both fixed and free to roam outside.

Despite the population concentration and high cost of living, Japan is a relatively safe and easy place to live, provided you have a decent income. It also helps if you speak the language. No matter how crowded it gets, you don't see flaring of tempers or road rage very much. The people just quietly fume while trying to get from point A to point B.

Hope everybody has a wonderful 2012.

Til the next time . . . ciao!