Wednesday, May 14, 2014

View from the sky

While on my way to Okinawa, I looked down to see the snow-capped Mt. Fuji in all its glory. It was a magnificent sight! I thought I was going to miss seeing the mystical mountain since the weather was overcast when I flew out of Narita. It was awesome how the clouds parted just around mountain to treat us with such a fantastic view!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sea of Umbrellas

I've been working as a translator for the past 2 years in Shin Yokohama. I was unemployed for a full year before I started working at this workplace. The year of unemployment was a discouraging one, getting rejected time and time again because I didn't have a pedigree (college education). I was registered at several temp staff agencies until I came across the one where I'm getting my contracts from now. Translation work wasn't my first choice, but after months of unemployment, I started to broaden my scope.

The staffing agency arranged an interview and when I got a better description of the job, I found that I was quite interested since the industry that they're involved in has a link to my background. I'm not in totally foreign territory nor were the terms I'd be dealing with be unfamiliar.

The workplace I was newly employed at had a relaxed atmosphere, the geeks living in their own world of codes and functions, which left me to my own devices. Work came in waves, I could be bored to tears for days on end and then bam! I'm swamped with translations to finish with tight deadlines. This job is giving me good experience that will help me down the line should I ever decide to do any freelance work.

Being dispatched from a staffing agency means that I'm on a temporary contract, renewable if both parties agree. My contract is on a 3-month basis and so far, it's been renewed consistently. They threw a curve ball with my last contract renewal, tho. I had a meeting with the agent who's in charge of taking care of my contract and I let my intentions of renewing be known. Not even a week after agreeing to renewing my contract, I get told that the department I'm with is moving . . . to Tokyo!!


I don't like Tokyo to begin with and now I'm looking at an increased commute time. To add insult to injury, the Tokyo office is farther from the station than the one in Shin Yokohama was. I have to opt to take the bus or walk. Considering the waiting time for the bus, plus the short ride and crowded conditions, walking seems to be a better and healthier option.

It's my 2nd day of commuting and it's raining all day long. I hate rainy days and umbrellas. There's a slope going down from the overpass and all I see ahead of me is a colorful sea of umbrellas. Guess that's to be expected since there's a women's college down the road so the students would be carrying bright and pretty-looking umbrellas.

I'm going to have to see how things go at this "new" workplace. Gotta say, the view is amazing . . . NOT! In Shin Yokohama, I had a great view of the "love hotels" and train tracks. At this Tokyo office, I have a lovely view of the cemetery on one side, an awesome view of the Shuto highway on the other. This place doesn't have much going for it. Haven't tried the food in the cafeteria yet. Hope it's at least edible.

I know I'm going to hate the commute even more after spending a week in paradise!

Que sera sera . . .

Monday, October 28, 2013

Dumb and dumber

Just as I thought the politicians in the States can't get any dumber, I see an article that the Tea Party chairman wants to file a class action suit against homosexuality.


According to their logic, homosexuality leads to AIDS more than smoking leads to cancer.


According to some studies done in the past, tobacco caused more deaths than by HIV, drugs, alcohol, car accident, suicides, and murders combined. So, just where did these bozos get their stats from?

Politicians get voted into office, which means they're chosen by the voters. Are the voters in the States who support these bozos just as ignorant? It's appalling that not only are they governing the country, they're also wasting an colossal amount of taxpayer's money coming up with all these "brilliant" ideas, instead of coming up with ways to help the average citizen improve their quality of life. Want to cut on spending? Toss these useless politicians in the dumpster, where they belong!

I was yakking with my chat buddy and he was asking if there's a petition against stupid politicians that he can sign. I looked, but no banana. Sure, we can start one up, but doubt that'd do much good, since you CAN'T FIX STUPID, can you?

OK. Done with this rant.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lazy, dumb and illiterate

It's been a while since I've posted anything on this blog. I have another blog that I regularly maintain but it's for a select audience and not exactly suited for the innocent public. LOL

So, what've been I up to these past few months? Up to no good, of course! LOL Nah, been pretty much living a mundane life, mainly work-home-work-home with a few outings with friends in between. Summer was good, tho. I got the chance to go to the beach almost every weekend, weather permitting, but I didn't overcook myself this year! YAY! I did end up with a funky tan that looked like paint running down my back. I suspect that it's sunscreen running down my back from the sweat so it got washed away in some parts. Hopefully it'll all fade by next summer. Last year I ended up with a shield on my back. Egads!

Looks like the States is in shit creek right now what with the clowns in DC playing games at the citizens' expense. I'm living in Japan, but if the States defaults on its payments, the ripple effect can expand way over to tomorrowland like the Lehman shock. It took me a year to get hired for the job I'm doing now as it is. If the States sends the world into another down spiral, it'll be my turn to default on my mortgage payments. Now that would totally suck since I have about 5 more years to go. I'd hate to become homeless at this point in my life.

Reading about what's going on in the States reminds me of a non-profit membership club I used to work for. There were the directors, committees and management. Of course, the management was tasked with the daily running of the club but had no major deciding power. The board and committee chairs are nominated and elected by the membership. So, when something needs to be done, they had to go to the committees, the committees toss the hot potato around for a decade or so then send the potato up to the directors. Then the potato's tossed around some more and by the time they make any decision, the potato's all dried and shriveled up. So how's that management system working? Bankruptcy is a matter of time. The members were always bitching and moaning about the lack of action by the powers that be, but still, they keep electing the same crowd of power-hungry micro-managing idiots year after year. Sound familiar? The members always had the power of the vote, but they mainly took the easy route and gave their vote to whoever was the chairman. It's the same with the States. Nobody does any research on their own, swallow whatever the media feeds them hook, line and sinker, and mindlessly vote for any name they recognize.

Living abroad gives me a third-party view of what's going on and man, I have to say that Americans are getting lazier and dumber every year. Proof of that was an article I saw where an interview was done out in the street asking which people preferred--Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act. It's the same frikkin' thing! O.M.F.G! I couldn't believe how many people thought they were two separate policies and supported one but didn't support the other. You can add illiterate to lazy and dumb. My long-term plan is to eventually go back home and retire but I'm not sure if that's a good idea seeing how things are in the States right now.

Mid-term elections are coming up next year so I hear. This reminds me what a person who was active supporting the Democratic party once told me--voting isn't a right, it's a responsibility. Looks like it's high time that Americans, yours truly included, start doing some serious research and vote out the clowns that ran our grand nation to the ground.

But in reality, nothing will change. Money talks and bullshit walks . . .

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Online dating site observations Jun 30

I logged into my Ok Cupid account and on the Welcome! page, it shows the recent activities of ALL men, not just guys living in Japan. On top of that list was this:

Q: Is a girl who's slept with 100 guys a bad person?
A: Yes
Explanation: “No decent woman could survive 100 sexual partners and maintain respect for herself or men in general.”


Too bad they don't ask if a guy who's slept with 100 girls is a bad person in the same question with A: Yes for girls, No for guys, B: Yes for guys, No for girls, C: Yes for Both, D: No for Both as answers. I'd really like to see what this judgmental asshole, whose ID is "teacher of life" in Japanese (the guy's a foreigner, btw) and probably in his late 40s would reply to that. Man or woman, it shouldn't matter how many sexual partners they've had in the past. What should matter is how they've been treating their partners, like they don't go hump and dump a girl and treat her as if she's some disposable towel.

From what I hear, the trend with college-aged girls in Japan is to have as many "boyfriends" as possible and some boast that they have over 20 (how they manage their time between said "boyfriends", school and sleep is a puzzle). If these girls keep up this pace, they'll clear the 100 mark before they graduate since it's unlikely the relationship with these "boyfriends" will last more than a month or two. Would that make them a bad person? Stupid and reckless yes, but bad? I don't think so. As they mature (if ever that's possible), they might get second thoughts or regrets over what they did while they were in college but odds are they'll look back and say "ah, the good 'ol days, when I was young and carefree".

On the flip side, if a guy who's close to my age, never been married, never really had a meaningful relationship, had an extremely low number of sexual partners, I'd be concerned if there's something wrong with the guy? I've known a guy or two who never got married til late in life since they didn't like to be tied down in a relationship, but they said that they fucked like bunnies whenever they got a chance and the storage room and conference room at their offices saw quite a bit of action.

In my matches over at Ok Cupid, 13 out of 37 don't have their profile filled out, yet 5 of them do have face pics on their profs, and out of the 13, 11 are listed as replies often. Wonder if emails they send out count as replies or if their replies are ones saying fuck off?  LOL

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Setting priorities

I rarely enter discussions where the topics are controversial. I have my own opinions and I'm not about to argue or defend them. It's my entitlement and it's not up to any others to tell me otherwise.

Since I'm usually bored at work, I read through the Yahoo News and I see that abortion is being the next hot  topic now that the gay marriage issue is starting to die down. Texas is moving to put more restrictions on abortion, which will practically ban the practice in the State.

I lean towards pro-choice. No woman goes to the clinic with glee to abort her child. It's a tough decision to make and a decision the woman has to live with for the rest of her life. I also believe that men should stay out of this argument unless if they're willing to actively prosecute the fathers who abandoned the pregnant woman to fend for herself.

Quit serving the churches, provide comprehensive education to all sexually active young people about prevention and birth control instead of lamely suggesting to abstain from sex, instill into the young men's minds that condoms are a must if they're not ready for fatherhood and to protect not only their sex partners but themselves as well, provide more than adequate care for the unwanted children that already exist in foster homes and orphanages, offer more government-funded alternatives to pregnant women who do not wish to or cannot keep the child, when a working solution to the existing problems are implemented, then start talking about further restricting a medical procedure that not only will terminate a life but also has the potential of causing permanent damage to the recipient.

While the state legislature is arguing about a topic that isn't necessarily a time-pressed issue, there was an article that due to teacher shortages in Dallas, kids aren't getting the education they need. There is a crisis in education right now. Why the haste in pushing a bill that would do more damage than good since all it will achieve is lawsuit after lawsuits and taxpayer's money is going to be used to defend the bill. Would the taxpayer's money not be better served in educating the children who, for better or for worse, are the nation's future?

Methinks the government of all levels start need to attack real problems instead of going after issues that'll get the politicians re-elected.

My 2 cents, for what it's worth.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The world of online dating

A gal pal was telling me how she joined an online dating site and the types of questions they asked to find the "perfect match". I wasn't all that interested in the dating part, but I was curious as to see what kind of questions they asked, so I created a profile.

Boy was I surprised at how men would reach out to someone over on the other side of the world saying they're looking for ever-lasting love and serious relationships. Really??!! I know I'm not capable of keeping up a long-distance relationship and certainly am not delusional enough to even have an online relationship. I need to be able to actually meet the person to see if there's any connection and physical attraction before I even think about starting up any type of relationship.

It is irritating how some men will contact me without reading my profile and find it shocking that I'm not Japanese and call them out of the crap they tried to dish out.

I modified my profile to be really bitchy, so I haven't been getting all that many emails lately. LOL